Regulation Golf Flags

Regulation golf flags are engineered to maintain their good looks despite long exposure to the wind and elements. Constructed of nylon, regulation flags are available in both 200 and 400 denier weighs. Choose 200 denier for flags that is sensitive to gentle breezes and 400 denier for heavier construction. Tube and tie styles are available.
  • Solid color flags – 200/400 denier
  • Numbered flags – 200 denier
  • Checkered flags – 200 denier
Custom Embroidered and Screen Printed Golf Flags
Custom screen-printed golf flags are constructed using 200 denier nylon. The fabric is color protected for maximum resistance to fading. Embroidered flags are constructed using 400 denier nylon which is both durable and heavyweight. Both screen printed and embroidered flags are available in tube and tie styles.
Artwork for custom flags must be high-resolution vector based or 800 dpi to best represent your logo.

Additional Models

Oversized Range Flag
Putting Flag
Pin Placement Flag
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