Cast Bronze Tee Markers

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Classic and timeless, our cast bronze tee markers are a popular choice for golf courses looking for traditional golf tee markers. Offered in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, all of our cast bronze markers are painted using automotive grade-two component urethanes and clear coats.
Our cast bronze tee markers come standard with the following features:
  • One single-sided logo
  • One color infill
  • Belt-sanded raised areas
  • One stainless steel spike
*Double-sided logos, multi-colored logos or additional stainless steel spikes are optional and available at an additional cost.
If you admire the look of bronze tee markers, but have a limited budget, consider our economical cast aluminum with faux bronze finish. Unlike some competitors that simply roll on bronze paint, Designer Golf’s faux bronze finish maintains the "grain" finish of the raised areas, making them nearly indistinguishable from genuine cast bronze tee markers.
Coordinate your tee markers with matching cast bronze tee signs, informational and directional signs and yardage markers.
Do your cast bronze tee markers need refurbishing? Check out our exclusive refinishing service.

Cast Bronze Tee Markers




Cast Bronze Tee Marker


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Custom Cast Bronze Tee Marker

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