Regulation Flagsticks

Fiberglass Regulation Flagsticks
Solid regulation fiberglass flagsticks are available in 7’ and 8’ lengths and are ½” in diameter. Striped regulation fiberglass flagsticks are available in 5’, 7’ and 8’ heights.
Flagsticks are sold individually but you receive the best value when ordered in boxes of 9. Special order 10’ and 12’ heights are available.
Tapered Tournament Flagsticks
Tapered tournament flagsticks are constructed of fiberglass and measure 7’6” high and taper from a ¾” diameter in the middle to ½” at the ends. They are more visible and offer a solid and sturdy look and feel. Sold in solid and stripped models limited color models.
Aluminum Tournament Flagsticks
These aluminum/fiberglass tournament flagsticks are a full 8’ tall and meet USGA regulations. Top and bottom shanks are ½” in diameter, color-impregnated fiberglass. Flagstick body is 1” in diameter. Colors and patterns can be changed to accommodate your course needs.
Laser Link™ Smartsticks™
Laser Link™ Smartsticks™ have Laser Link embedded prisms as well as the Smarty top stud reflector.
  • 7’ and 8’ models in ½” and ¾” diameters.
  • Smarty system available for use with your existing flagsticks.
  • Use with Laser Link rangefinders.
Vinyl-Covered Flagsticks
Vinyl covered flagsticks are available in popular colors and striping patterns in both ½” and ¾” models. All flagsticks come pre-applied with VinylGuard vinyl shrink-wrap coverings. Sold in 7’ and 8’ tall.

Additional Models

Driving Range Flagsticks
Putting Flagsticks
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