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Golf Course Tee Signs

For nearly 30 years Designer Golf has been recognized as the leading manufacturer of golf course signs in the world.  Materials include cast bronze and aluminum, granite, wood, plastic and our our exclusive Terra-Tec™ resins. Choose from many different mounting styles and options to customize golf signs that fit your course needs.

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Granite golf tee signs are available in a variety of products and designs. Each style of sign allows a golf course to provide their players with important hole information while blending in with the natural surrounding of the element in which they are displayed. Granite is the most commonly used material for natural golf course tee signs, each providing it's own unique look and characteristic. Complete the natural stone look with tee markers and yardage markers.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum tee signs are an excellent choice for golf course signage due to its high resistance to corrosion and its classic and polished look. Select cast aluminum tee signs for the durability of bronze with the emphasis on economy.

Cast Bronze

Cast bronze tee signs offer a timeless and tradition look for golf course tee signs. With an exacting attention to detail our bronze signs will set your course apart. Choose from a wide variety finishes and background colors.


Genuine hardwood tee signs are available in several different elegant styles. Utilize a hardwood post to engrave hole information into the face of the totem, or use the wood to accent a cast or etched metal plaque. Available in ipe, garapa, or Lamboo® hardwood, hardwood golf signs may be used with or without a protective finish. Finished hardwood signs will require periodic maintenance.


Plastic golf tee signs are available in laminated, recycled, PVC and Plexiglass, often recognized as recycled plastic tee signs or routed signs. Most include Eco-friendly materials with UV inhibitors making them a reliable solution for golf course signage. Plastic tee signs have the flexibility to be post mounted or manufactured as individual post units.


Terra-Tec™ products are highly formulated resin & compound products that are designed to replicate some of the earth’s most natural elements. Terra-Tec™ products offer the natural look and beauty of earth’s most natural elements while providing in many cases a durable, longer lasting and more economical solution for signage and accessories to varying industries.

Etched Metal

Etched metal tee signs are offered as an alternative to cast metal for those who want to display enhanced hole graphics or logos. Because of the unique process involved in creating these golf signs, there is virtually no limitations in the graphics that can be included. Offered in bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and zinc, etched metal tee signs provide a unique option not often found in the golf industry.


Dendron™ tee signs are the newest offering by Designer Golf. With an unmatched 10 year warranty, Dendron™ tee signs provide vibrant full color graphics without the worry of fading, peeling, corroding or rotting. Available in our standard or free-form shapes, Dendron™ tee signs provide the ability for unique custom signage without the added costs of patterns or set-up fees. Furthermore, all our Dendron™ products are made from recycled content making them Eco-Friendly.


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