Center Pull Paper Towel and Hand Sanitizer Unit With Disinfecting Spray Bottle Holders

Model: HSCPT

A perfect solution for fitness clubs and outdoor dining areas. This unit combines a stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser with a center pull paper towel dispenser and (2) disinfecting spray bottle holders.

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Hand sanitizer dispenser station makes quick work of cleaning your dining areas. Our outdoor sanitizer stations are weather-resistant and built to last for years with virtually no maintenance. Use outdoors or indoors and don’t forget to showcase your brand on the unit, right at eye level where golfers and guests sanitize their hands.


Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stations with Automatic Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispensers



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We can help you choose the right product to meet your needs and your budget. We can also customize your sanitizer stations with all the features you want and none you don’t.


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