Cast Metal Refinishing

Cast Metal Refinishing

Before Refinishing Aluminum

Cast metal refinishing of your aluminum or bronze golf course signs and markers is one of the best ways to revitalize your golf course without incurring replacement costs.

Protect the Beauty of Your Cast Bronze and Cast Aluminum Golf Signs with Designer Golf’s Refinishing Service

It’s relatively easy to preserve the beauty of cast bronze and cast aluminum sign plaques. They simply require occasional cleaning with mild soap and water.
Yet over time, even with regular cleanings, cast bronze sign plaques will develop a patina that appears green in color. The formation of this patina is the result of a normal oxidizing process that creates a natural shield for the bronze.

Cast aluminum golf signs will also discolor over time as the protective clear coat ages. Many golfers appreciate the aged look of the patina, but if you prefer the original finish, we can restore all of your cast aluminum and cast bronze golf signs back to their original appearance through our exclusive refinishing process.

Use our cast metal refinishing service to revitalize any of the following golf course accessories:

Our Cast Metal Refinishing Process

  1. We sandblast your items to remove corrosion, tarnish and old, faded paint, and prepare the product surface for painting.
  2. For bronze items, we use a specially formulated pre-treatment to prevent tarnishing during the refinishing process.
  3. We prime the items using a two-component, automotive-grade urethane to ensure maximum paint adhesion and provide a base layer of protection.
  4. We apply two coats of an automotive-grade, two-component acrylic urethane color coat.Studies have shown automotive-grade urethanes to be superior to powder coating and lacquer-based paints in providing maximum protection against environmental elements.
  5. We belt-sand raised areas on cast bronze and cast aluminum signs and markers using an industrial-grade, wide-belt sander. This provides a uniform look in the grain of your finished piece. Most competitors utilize hand-grinders, which significantly increases the risk they’ll create unsightly gouges in your refinished piece.
  6. Finally, we apply two coats of a high-performance, automotive-grade, two-component urethane for maximum, long-lasting protection.

To request a FREE quote on the cast metal refinishing of your aluminum or bronze golf signs, markers or any of your golf course accessories, call us today at 1-800-310-0041.

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