Ball Washer Refurbishing

Ball Washer Refurbishing

ball washer refurbishing

Ball washer refurbishing is an economical way to make your old ball washers look like new. Refurbishing allows you to save money and avoid throwing away old ball washers that may only need cosmetic repair to remain usable. When needed, we can also repair or replace internal parts if your ball washers are in need of service.

Our exclusive ball washer refurbishing process includes the following steps:

  • We sandblast all ball washer housings to remove built-up scale and old paint.
  • We clean the housings with automotive-grade metal cleaners.
  • We coat the housings with two coats of automotive-grade epoxy-filling primers. These filling primers help smooth out the surface and provide additional coating protection.
  • We paint the housings with two coats of automotive-grade urethanes to protect your ball washers from harsh weather conditions that could degrade them.
  • Finally, we apply two coats of automotive-grade urethane clear coat for additional long-lasting protection.

***No other company provides this added level of protection.

Considering ball washer refurbishing to keep your ball washers in prime condition without incurring replacement costs? Call us at 1-800-310-0041 to speak with one of our sales consultants. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide a FREE quote for ball washer refurbishing or any of our other golf course services.

A NOTE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Please send only the housings that need to be refurbished, not the ball washers themselves. Sending complete ball washer units will result in additional charges for disassembly, including any parts or tools required.

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