Cast Aluminum Tee Marker – Round Wedge


A Nice Compromise Between Vertical and Low Profile Models

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Metal Tee Marker – Cast Aluminum – Round Wedge

Our round wedge cast aluminum tee marker is a low profile model best suited for tee boxes that are level with cart paths.  Select our faux bronze option for the look of cast bronze with a cast aluminum price point. Want your tee box to really stand out? Choose our optional modeled logo or ImageCast™ options.

Aluminum Tee Marker Features and Options:

  • 6″w x 2″h sloping to .5″h
  • Single-Sided
  • One Infill Color
  • Options:
    • Faux Bronze Finish
    • Stainless Steel Spikes
    • Modeled Logo or ImageCast™
  • Multiple Color Infills

Note:  Red and Silver Image created using optional modeled logo.

Coordinate cast aluminum tee markers with  Cast Aluminum Tee Signs, Faux Bronze Finish Optional, Yardage Markers and Directional and Informational Signs.

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