Ice Chest ~ Split Lid


Signature Series double Cooler Box with split lid features 2 Igloo removable coolers, split hinged lids, 2 drainage spouts.  Two sizes.

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Recycled plastic cooler box is perfect for the clubhouse or the golf course. Large capacity makes it easy to distribute water bottles quickly and conveniently. Each cooler box/ice chest is durable enough for outdoor use, yet aesthetically pleasing and worthy of indoor display.

Recycled Plastic Cooler Box

This large capacity split-lid ice chest for the golf course comes in 2 different sizes:

  •   72 quart  (2 – 36 quart coolers)
  • 108 quart (2 – 54 quart coolers)

Signature Series design includes space for two coolers (included). Split design allows you to open each side independently while keeping the other side cool.

Add optional compression dampers to make lids close softly and quietly. Brass spigot is also available for extra durability.

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