Are Golf Course Accessories Really Important?

Golf Course Accessories

You love to golf, love to watch it on TV, love to read about it, love wearing the fashionable clothes that are associated with it, and of course you love the idea of running your own course. Well as you think through all the marketing ideas, budget items, promotional opportunities for the clubhouse and personnel objectives, don’t forget about one of the most important, and usually most overlooked, marketing tools you have…the golf course accessories.

That’s right, course signage, markers, and furnishings are very powerful marketing tools if effectively used. Here are a few tips on how and why each can be used to impress your guests, encourage them to tell their friends and keep them coming back.

Course Signage

Golf course signage starts at the entrance to your facility with a highly visible, updated entrance sign. Make sure the entrance feature is up to date in colors, message, and condition. golf club entrance signBe sure that it is nicely landscaped, but not overgrown as to hide it. This is the first impression your customers have of your facility and if they see you don’t care about the entrance, chances are they also expect you don’t care about what’s inside.

Be sure to have clearly marked and well positioned directional and informational signage as your guests enter your property. Make it easy for them to know where to drop their golf bags or check in at the pro shop.

From the pro shop, be sure to have directional and informational signage directing golfers to the practice area, 1st tee or 10th tee. It is also a good idea to have directional signage throughout the course moving them from the green to the next tee. A good rule is to always assume your golfers don’t know where they are going. Drive your property as if you were new to it and identify where signs might be useful. Where possible, combine multiple signs, front to back or adjacent, onto one post. This not only saves cost but also eliminates the amount of “clutter” too many signs can create.


Once your golfers arrive at the tee box there are several items that are important in making a round enjoyable. First, be sure the tee markers you are using are easily identifiable. custom golf tee markersChoose colors that contrast significantly, and be sure to separate similar colors with a contrast coloring in between. If you want to reinforce your brand, choose tee markers that highlight your property logo or a significant icon. Also contributing to ensuring an enjoyable golf experience for your guests is providing accurate and easily located yardage markers. Adding in-ground yardage markers on every tee box not only contributes to an enjoyable round, but also helps to increase the pace of play which means more possible rounds and increased revenue.

Course Furnishings

As golfers make their way around the course there are some very important golf course accessories that will be needed, first of which should be beverage containers. Whether you are providing water from a cooler enclosure or bottled water from ice chests be sure you have at least two units available per nine holes. Either built-in or separate waste receptacles should be placed next to each of the refreshment containers. golf course furnishingsNext, provide golfers several options to easily repair divots. Provide either individual divot mix boxes on each tee area or divot bottle racks placed in a high traffic area. Finally, if you choose to provide ball washer consoles it is important to make sure they are placed at all par three holes and located near your most commonly played set of tees.

When selecting golf course furnishings be knowledgeable of the different material options available and what best fits the style and budget of your facility. Coordinating furnishings across a property provides and upscale feel and also helps to reinforce your brand. Certainly the type of bag rack you choose for your bag drop area is not going to influence someone to return to your facility, but having coordinated furnishings across your golf course does send a message that your property cares not only about the condition of the course but the overall look of the property.

Considering new golf course accessories?

If you found this article useful and are considering making any updates to your golf course accessories, please browse our digital golf products catalog.


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