Tee Sign Refurbishing vs Buying New

Taking a quick spin around your course, you realize that your tee signs are looking a bit old and outdated. Is the hole information still accurate, has your logo or golf course name changed, now ask whether you should invest in tee sign refurbishing, or should you buy new. Here are some points to keep in mind when making your decision:

This is perhaps the most important point for some. There are two factors you have to consider, both cost and opportunity cost. How much would a brand new set of signs cost? Furthermore, consider if you were to decide to refurbish; what would be your opportunity cost? Think about the time it takes to remove the signs, the cost of shipping the signs, the cost of labor to refurbish the signs, the amount of time you will be sign-less.

Aesthetic Value
Keep in mind while refurbishing does remove any oxidation from cast aluminum or bronze, it does not eliminate any pitting or imperfections within the metal itself. Tee sign refurbishing is only a surface treatment, allowing for new background painting and metal surface “cleaning”.  Which brings us to the next point;

What do your course furnishings say about your course? What would your first-time guests say as they saw your course? As they say, first impressions do matter – make sure your course is one to make a lasting one.

While refurbishing might be a great short-term solution, buying new might be the better way. Depending on how old your course is, it might be time for your furnishings to update with your course. Whether that includes a new logo, a new name, or new yardages, buying a new set of tee signs might be the better avenue.

Keeping up with the times is important, keeping up with your competition is even more so. So your course and your logo hasn’t changed in years, but how do your range accessories and furnishings compare to the test of time? Furthermore, how do your signs compare to competition? A well-cared for course and lawn, with the right accessories, can make all the difference in whether or not your guests will return for another round of golf.

Once you have made your decision to either purchase new or refurbish your tee signs, the next thing is making sure your tee markers, yardage markers and directional signs are also updated to match the the new look of your hole signs.

Click Here if you are considering refurbishing any of your golf course signs or markers and would like like to learn more about our services. If you are considering purchasing new golf course accessories, please consider Designer Golf as a source.


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