Portable Water Cooler Enclosure

Model: WC2T

Portable water cooler enclosure includes portable base and locking rear door. Add water cooler, cup dispenser and/or waste receptacle. Made to order in USA.



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DuraLumber™ Driftwood
DuraLumber™ Driftwood
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Portable water cooler enclosure can be moved as needed. Durable recycled plastic resists signs of wear for years of use. Add a water cooler, external waste receptacle or cup dispenser to make it even more practical and useful for golfers and guests.

Portable Water Cooler Enclosure Details

  • Lockable rear door
  • Hinged door
  • Portable base
  • Optional add-ons: water cooler, external waste receptacle, cup dispenser

To request a FREE quote on this portable water cooler enclosure, contact Designer Golf  at 1 (866) 456-7483.

If you like our Tradition Series aesthetic, be sure to check out matching waste receptacles and information signs.  Designer Golf products are created to complement each other and help you create a uniform color scheme across the golf course. Most products can be customized with your logo.

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  • Slatted Water Cooler Enclosure
  • Hinged Rear Door with Lockable
  • Post (6″w x 60″h x 6″d) with portable base
Water Cooler and Cup Dispenser Sold Separately
Designed to be used on hard, flat surface ONLY
21″w x 30″h