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Custom Tee Markers are great for Corporate Sponsored Golf Tournaments.

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Custom tee markers created by Designer Golf are commonly used for highlighting a club’s brand, a tournament sponsor or a special event. With vast design and manufacturing capabilities, custom tee markers can be created in a number of different materials and designs.

Cast aluminum or bronze tee markers can be made in the shape of a logo or icon, and can also include images that are cast permanently into the material. Custom cast tee markers are moderately priced, offering extreme durability and providing a long lasting message.

DuraLumber™ tee markers are our high grade plastic markers that can be routed into shapes that match a club logo or icon. DuraLumber™ tee markers can be single or double sided, and are offered in several standard colors.

One of the best materials for creating custom tee markers is our highly formulated Terra-Tec™. Terra-Tec™ can be made to replicate many different materials including rock, granite and wood. Additionally custom Terra-Tec™ tee markers can be cast into 3-dimensional elements providing limitless customization opportunities.

Choosing Dendron™ to create a unique tee marker to highlight your club or brand is sensible and economical option. Because Dendron™ graphics are printed into the material, there are very few limitations in terms of design. Additionally all Dendron™ tee markers include a 10 year warranty, making them the most durable tee marker offered in the golfing industry.

Tee markers are easily coordinated with other golf course products such as tee signs, yardage markers and directional signage.

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