Waterjet Cut Tee Marker


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Waterjet Cut Tee Marker

There are no standard models for our water jet cut tee markers. Our custom cut tee markers are designed primarily in aluminum to withstand the harsh golf course environment. We offer a range of thickness with either an integrated spike or optional stainless steel spikes. As a manufacturer of golf course products throughout the world we have found that the soil environments can vary widely from region to region. Therefore, where an integrated spike might work well in the sandy soil of Florida, the same spike style will bend or break in the hard clay soil of Virginia.

Design Options to Consider:

  • Size and Layout
  • Does Design Mater When Looking at the Marker from Inside and Outside of the Tee Box? Golfers Will See the Reverse Image Inside the Tee Box
  • Material Thickness. Thicker Material Allows for Stainless Steel Spikes, Necessary in Hard Soil Environments.

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