Dendron™ Tee Signs


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Vibrant Full-Color Signs that are Highly Durable and Eco-Friendly.


Dendron tee signs are backed by the golf industry’s only 10-year warranty on outdoor full color graphic signage. A Designer Golf Products exclusive, this remarkable product features striking full-color graphics that won’t fade, delaminate, crack, split, rot or warp.

Each sign is manufactured by compressing a recycled content material with a protected layer of full-color graphics. This delivers an environmentally sound product ideally suited for the golf course.

The signs require very little maintenance and can withstand everyday outdoor use for years.

Dendron Tee Signs Highlights:

  • Ten year warranty
  • Core made from recycled content
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Resists fading, moisture, scratches and graffiti
  • Geometric or free-form shapes
  • Thermally stable

Match your tee sign design with Dendron™ tee markers, yardage markers or directional signs.

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