DuraLumber™ Tee Totems

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Recycled lumber tee totems make quite a statement on the golf course. Grand and majestic, these tee signs are made from DuraLumber™. Crafted from a combination of post-consumer recycled plastics and virgin plastics, DuraLumber™ receives the highest environmental ratings from the Healthy Building Network. You can also recycle DuraLumber™ products repeatedly, making them one of the most sustainable materials you can buy.

DuraLumber Recycled Lumber Tee Totems

  • Need virtually ZERO maintenance other than cleaning
  • Resist fading, scratches, insect intrusion, splitting, humidity and warping
  • Are surprisingly durable, even when exposed to daily sun and weather changes
  • Don’t require repainting or touch ups

Call 1-866-456-7483 for specifics on our DuraLumberrecycled lumber tee totems or any Designer Golf golf course furnishings. We design and manufacture our signs at our Florida facility and specialize in one-of-a-kind creations that are unique and eco-friendly.

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