DuraLumber™ Tee Signs – Double Post Mount

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Plastic tee signs feature a double post mount and are made from our unique DuraLumber™ recycled plastic material. Crafted from blended post-consumer recycled plastics and virgin plastics, DuraLumber™ receives the highest environmental ratings from the Healthy Building Network. Best of all, DuraLumber™ products can be recycled again at the end of their useful life, making them a sustainable product.

Why We Love Making Plastic Tee Signs from DuraLumber™

  • They require virtually ZERO maintenance and no waterproofing
  • They resist moisture, fading, scratching, insects, splitting, and warping
  • They maintain color well, even exposed to sun and varying weather conditions
  • They do not generally require painting or touch ups to maintain their appearance

To request a FREE quote or more information on DuraLumber™ plastic tee signs or any golf course furnishings, call 1-866-456-7483.  We specialize in customization and would be happy to help you pick the style and materials that are perfect for your course. Also see our extensive selection of tee markers, yardage markers and printed products.