DuraLumber™ Tee Signs – Post Mount

Durable routed plastic tee signs are Eco-Friendly.

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Routed plastic golf signs feature a post mount and are crafted from one of our favorite recycled plastic materials, DuraLumber™. Made from a combination of post-consumer recycled plastics and virgin plastics, DuraLumber™ receives the highest environmental ratings from the Healthy Building Network. DuraLumber™ products can also be recycled at the end of their useful life for ultimate sustainability.

Why We Love Making Routed Plastic Golf Signs from DuraLumber™

  • They require very little maintenance other than basic cleaning
  • They resist fading, moisture, scratching, insects, splitting & warping
  • They’re extremely durable, even in bright sun and harsh climates
  • They don’t need to be repainted or touched up like wood signs

For more information on DuraLumber™ routed plastic golf signs or any Designer Golf products, call 1-866-456-7483.  Customization is our specialty, so feel free to share ideas with us if you’re looking for something special and unique.  Also see our extensive selection of tee markers, yardage markers and printed products.