Double Top Load Waste and Recycling Receptacle


Top Load Golf Course Trash Bin. Available in double 15, 28, or 40 Gallons. Variety of openings to designate usage.

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Golf course trash containers feature a decorative panel designed to accommodate your logo and showcase your brand. You can customize each unit using restrictive openings and engraved ID’s to ensure proper sorting of recyclable materials.

Golf Course Trash Containers Features and Options:

  • Top-loading trash bin with removable lid
  • Removable, roto-molded liner
  • Leveling feet
  • Made from Duralumber™ or natural hardwood
  • Dual or single color
  • Made in the U.S.A. from durable, sustainable materials
  • Decorative Panel with optional logo
  • Logo Options:
    • Engraved and Infilled
    • Etched Metal
  • Optional Features:
    • Variety of openings
    • Larger models have rear hinged doors

Designer Golf Company waste and recycling receptacles are made in the U.S.A. from DuraLumber™ or natural hardwoods. DuraLumber™ is a virtually maintenance-free option suitable for daily outdoor use.

To request a quote on this double unit or any golf course trash containers, call +1 (866) 456-7483 to speak to a Designer Golf Products consultant.

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