Granite Tee Signs

granite tee sign main gal

Granite tee signs have always been best sellers, for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Easily recognized for their polished, refined appearance, these elegant traditional signs can be attractively displayed in a variety of shapes, sizes, and mounting styles, and are both affordable and easy to maintain.
We can help you select the design for your granite tee signs or create a custom design for a unique look that's all your own. Our large selection of decorative cast aluminum bases, finials, post shapes, and natural materials will provide nearly endless design ideas, whether you're interested in traditional, sophisticated signage or more contemporary options.
  • Also offered in sandstone or limestone.
  • Easily combined with waste receptacles, ball washers, and benches to create tee consoles or bench units.
  • Available in front mount, side mount, yardarm, double post, pedestal, direct to post, inlay or bench units.
  • Choice of bases, finials, inlays and post shapes.
  • Easily coordinated with matching directional signs, tee markers and yardage markers.
  • Available in post mounted or ground mounted styles.
Interested in granite tee signs or other custom golf course products? We offer a huge selection of golf signage in nearly every material, color, and design you can imagine. Give us a call at 1-800-310-0041 for a quote or more information.

Ground Mounted

GM1-Granite Totem

Granite Totem Tee Sign

GM2-Granite Tee Post

Granite Totem Hole Sign

GM3-Granite Boulder

Granite Boulder

GM4-Granite Slant

Granite Slant

GM5-Granite Pedestal

Granite Pedestal Tee Sign

GM6-Granite Slant

Granite Slant Totem Tee Sign

GM7-Granite Bench Unit

Granite Tee Sign Bench Unit

Post Mounted

Front Mount

Granite Tee Sign-FM

Side Mount

Granite Tee Sign-SM


Granite Tee Sign-YA


Granite Tee Sign-IN


Granite Tee Sign-PED

Double Post

Granite Tee Sign-DP

Bench Unit

Granite Tee Sign-BNCH
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