14 Why Terra-Tec™ Boulders? Terra-Tec™ products offer the natural look and beauty of the Earth’s most natural elements while providing in many cases a durable, longer lasting and more economical solution for signage and accessories to varying industries. • Molded into virtually any shape and size • Ability to be made in any color • Better graphical detail than sandblasted natural stone • Different designs allow the product to mimic almost any geographical setting • Withstands extreme temperature changes • Resists cracking and chipping • Includes UV inhibitors and anti-graffiti finishes SANDSTONE BROWNSTONE BLACKSTONE LIMESTONE SND BRW BLK LMS TERRA-TEC™ BOULDERS/ROCKS - Standard Colors (other colors available upon request) TTBDR1 TTBDR3 TTBDR2 Terra Tec TM TERRA-TECTM BOULDERS OPTIONS Model Number Standard Sizes Ad Panel Hole Graphic Multi-Color Logo TTBDR1 30”w x 29”h x 20”d • • • TTBDR2 33”w x 32”h x 23”d • • • TTBDR3 33.5”w x 33”h x 22”d • • •