82 CW1T CW3T CW2T CW4T CLUB WASHERS - TRADITIONS SERIES INCLUDES Model Number Style Standard Sizes 5 gal. Water Bucket Hand Brush Integrated Brushes CW1T Round 20.5”w x 25”h • • • CW2T Round with Backsaver Legs 20.5”w x 36”h • • • CW3T Square 20”w x 24”h x 20”d • • • CW4T Square with Backsaver Legs 20”w x 35”h x 20”d • • •Premium finish available for natural wood. All dimensions are approximate. DuraLumberTM DuraLumberTM Naturals NATURAL WOOD BLACK BK WEATHERED WD BROWN BR TEAK TK GREEN GR CEDAR CD NAVY NAV GRAY GY WHITE WI DRIFTWOOD DW MAHOGANY MG IPE IPE LAMBOO® LAM GARAPA GPA