18 E X C L U S I V E M A T E R I A L S DuraLumber™ Virtually maintenance free, DuraLumber™ is an HDPE plastic material made from a combination of blended post- consumer recycled plastics and virgin plastics materials that have the highest environmental ratings from the Healthy Building Network. Site furnishings made from DuraLumber™ can be recycled again at the end of their useful life, making them a sustainable product. DuraLumber™ has exceptional resistance to moisture, fading, insects, splitting, warping and other hazards of environmental exposure common to wood or wood fiber composite products. It requires no waterproofing, staining or other similar recurring maintenance other than an occasional washing with soap and water. Additionally, the finished material includes high color stability UV pigment systems which minimize material breakdown from prolonged sun and weather exposure. Unlike units that include powder coated metal components, HDPE recycled plastic DuraLumber™ products do not require painting or touch up due to fading or scratching. • Sustainable material made from a combination of recycled and recyclable components • UV stable with very little fading over the life of the product • Will not rot, splinter, crack or peel • Insect, graffiti and scratch resistant • Requires only occasional cleaning with no staining or weather-proofing needed • Exceptional resistance to corrosive substances such as oil, salt spray and other environmental stresses Granite Granite has long been recognized as one of the most durable and desirable materials used in the  signage industry. Offered in hundreds of natural color choices, granite can easily be inlayed into monument structures to make elegant entrance features or post mounted to provide a high profile informational sign unit. Graphics are sandblasted into the stone and finished with either high performance paints, gold leaf or can be left in their natural state to provide a unique contrast between the standard high gloss finish and natural rough stone texture. • Material is natural and will not fade, peel, corrode or rot • Sandblasted granite provides a highly elegant dimensional signage look • Graphics can be painted or leafed providing a long-term low-maintenance signage solution • Available in many different colors, shapes and sizes As the industry leader in product innovation, Designer Golf has many materials that are exclusive to our company. GREEN (GR) BLACK (BK) BLACK (BK) BLACK CORAL (BC) BROWN (BN) MAUVE (MV) WEATHERED (WD) PEWTER (PW) CEDAR (CD) DRIFTWOOD (DW) See Page 3 GRAY (GY) RED/WHITE/RED (RWR) GREEN/WHITE/GREEN (GWG) BLUE/WHITE/BLUE (BLW) WHITE/BLACK/WHITE (WBK) BLACK/WHITE/BLACK (BKW) GRAY (GY) MAHOGANY (MG) SILVER CLOUD (SC) NAVY (NAV) TEAK (TK) SANDSTONE (SND) WHITE (WI) DuraLumber Naturals New TM