Toll Free 866.456.7483 49 RESTRICTIVE OPENINGS SYMBOLS AND LABELS H I J K L M M F G A C D E B B ROOF OPTIONS FLAT TOP STANDARD FRONT TO BACK SLOPE BACK TO FRONT SLOPE CURVED ASK FOR OUR SLIMLINE MODELS AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE CONFIGURATIONS Slimline front load receptacles offer many bin configurations while reducing carbon footprints. With easy-to-see graphics, labels and openings, users will be encouraged to participate in your property’s recycling efforts. Easy top access trash openings with highly visible labels help to educate users on separating waste streams and to promote your recycling efforts. Choose from any our stylish roofs to add functionality to units placed in external environments. Various symbols and labels are available. Options Compost Waste Recycle Bottle RESTRICTIVE OPENING DIMENSIONS DIMENSIONS COMMON USE DIMENSIONS COMMON USE A 4” Circle Cans H 6” x 8”Triangle Waste/Compost B Double 4” Circle Cans I 5” x 7” Diamond Waste/Compost C 3” x 12” Opening Paper J 10” Square Opening Waste/Compost D 6” Circle Cans/Bottles K 6” Square Waste/Compost E Commingle Opening Paper/Cans/Bottles/Etc. L 6” High Opening Waste/Compost F 14” x 5.5” Opening Waste/Compost M 6” High Divided Opening Waste/Compost G 14” x 6”Arched Opening Waste/Compost