Toll Free 866.456.7483 43 Logo Options Flat Relief logos are economical and two dimensional. They are standard on cast metal products. Modeled logos are a premium choice for 3D logo replication. Modeled logos involve either hand sculpting or CNC routing an image. The modeled logo is then hand-finished. Available on cast bronze or cast aluminum products. GraphiCast™ An innovative process that combines the enduring distinction of a cast plaque with the detailed look of a photograph. GraphiCast™ allows for images of people, landscape or logos to be permanently cast into either bronze or aluminum plaques. Dendron™ is a revolutionary material made by combining the latest technology in graphic printing with recycled content through extreme heat and pressure. The finished product provides unmatched quality graphics that are able to sustain any environment’s harshest conditions. Dendron™ is the golf industry’s only outdoor graphic material backed by a 10 year warranty, making it a perfect and economical solution for signage, markers and course furnishings. Etched Metal is used for extremely detailed logos. Available on bronze, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and zinc metals. Waterjet Cut is an elegant option, adding a touch of class to your item. Waterjet cut logos and letters can be flat mounted or mounted with “standoffs” to give a dimensional look. Available in metal or acrylic. Laser Engraving when used for detailed logos will give you outstanding results on hardwoods. Engraved and Infilled logos are routed, etched or sandblasted and then infilled with a colored resin or paint. Cold Cast logos can be made by hand or machined and offer an alternative to cast metal logos. A variety of finishes are available. Digitally Printed logos provide unlimited colors and detail. Logos can be printed onto laminated vinyl which can be attached to a wide variety of substrates, or your logo can be directly printed onto acrylic or polycarbonate substrate. ImageBlast™ is our state-of-the-art process that allows for sandblasting of extremely detailed graphics which are not normally obtainable with standard sandblasting methods. A perfect solution for logos, photos or hole graphics that otherwise need to be laser engraved. Please contact a sales consultant for assistance determining which logo style best fits your need. Logo Options